The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Israel

JDRF Israel, an affiliate of the international leading type 1 diabetes organization, has over 30 years of experience in the field of type 1 diabetes, providing innovative projects that empower, educate and advocate for people with type 1 diabetes from childhood through senior adults from across the socio-economic and geographic divide. We serve, represent and advocate for approximately 50,000 people. JDRF Israel is dedicated to improving the lives of type 1 diabetics.

JDRF Israel is the only non-profit organization in the country that is focused solely on people with type 1 diabetes and their specific needs – other organizations deal with diabetes in general and most often with people who have type 2 diabetes.  JDRF Israel works hand in hand with 40 diabetes clinics across the country, HMOs and hospitals.  We liaise with the leading professionals nationwide. JDRF Israel actively engages volunteers, many themselves people with type 1 diabetes, to spearhead and be involved in a range of activities; they form supportive communities and social networks that last a lifetime.

Our Goals

Funding the best medical treatment and research for finding a cure for the disease and its complications, and improving the quality of life of children and their families.

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in Israel acts for the benefit of its members:

Passing on information to its members regarding innovations in research and in treatment by way of conventions, a quarterly journal, literature and written material.

Establishing connections between experienced families and new families, assistance in approaching professionals.

Operating a hotline for diabetics and their families. Every afternoon JDRF Israel operates a hotline with a diabetes nurse and a multidisciplinary staff available for diabetics.

The “Big brother / big sister” organization between older and younger diabetics.

Support groups for diabetics and their families.

Supporting adults with T1D.

Encouraging doctors and medical workers to study and get involved in fields of research, consulting, and the treatment of juvenile diabetes.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

The worldwide foundation for the research of juvenile diabetes (JDRF) endeavors to find a cure for diabetes and its complication by supporting research.  The JDRF was established in 1970 by parents of children with diabetes who believed that it is possible to cure the disease and its complications through research.  With branches from coast to coast, and partnerships throughout the world, the JDRF allocates more funding for the research of diabetes than does any private non-governmental organization.

JDRF is the promoter and the main supporter of research with the purpose of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications.  The organization establishes research centers throughout the world, in cooperation with governments and public bodies that support research to overcome the disease.

JDRF confronts the U.S. government with its interest of promoting medical research for finding a cure for diabetes and its complications, including the promotion of stem cell research in the U.S.  Until today, the Foundation has itself funded more than 800 million dollars of diabetes research, and another 20 million dollars in special funds that support the innovative research of stem cells as a source of beta cell production, in the United States, and in the world as a whole, including research in institutes in Israel.

Our Activities


As part of its mission to raise awareness and educate, JDRF Israel holds seminars and conferences throughout the year with participants from all sectors of society.  There is also a major national conference which takes place in November to mark International Diabetes Day.  The program includes lectures from leading professionals in the field, children’s activities, support groups, seminars, workshops, presentation of the latest research and nutritional guidance.  It is always well-attended and extremely well-received.

JDRF Israel recognizes that different sectors of the population have specific needs.  We therefore hold an annual conference specifically aimed at the Arabic speaking community, with lectures and activities in Arabic and we run a conference that is tailored to the needs of the Haredi sector. The conference offers separate sessions for men and women and has a comprehensive program.

Sweet encounters

The goal of Sweet Encounters is to provide a supportive space for hundreds of families -parents and children -to learn and update themselves about type 1 diabetes and share concerns with others who are in the same position, forming supportive communities.  The quarterly meetings are held in different areas of the country so that they are as inclusive as possible.

Donating medical equipment

JDRF Israel donates medical equipment to type 1 diabetes clinics across the country.  In particular, we have donated a special device for testing blood sugar (HbA1c).  The machines are expensive and therefore not included in the health basket.  We also provide continuous glucose sensors – one of the most advanced means of monitoring blood sugar levels that avoids numerous daily needle pricks and attempts at drawing blood.  Most importantly, this machine informs patients when their blood sugar levels are dangerously high or low, helping to prevent serious side effects and complications.

Supporting Research

Since its establishment, JDRF Israel, in association with JDRF International, has supported cutting edge research into type 1 diabetes taking place in Israel.  Our support has enabled life changing scientific advancement in this field, making a significant contribution to the medical community worldwide.


Meuzanim is a magazine published 3 times a year by JDRF Israel and distributed to members of the organization and to diabetes clinics around the country, which includes important articles relating to type 1 diabetes care, research, nutrition, sport, education, social life and more.  It is an excellent resource, updating people with type 1 diabetes about the latest developments and news in the field.

Educational Summer Camps

One of JDRF Israel’s flagship projects is our educational summer camps.  Every summer we run three 5 day camp sessions for 240 children and youth with type 1 diabetes ranging in age from 10 – 18.  Campers come from all over Israel, including the geographic and socio economic periphery of the country. JDRF Israel ensures that financial circumstances are not a bar to attending camp.  We recognize that every child with type 1 diabetes is in need of the attention, education and bonding that our camps offer and we provide stipends to ensure that children and youth living in difficult financial straits will not miss out on this transformative and important experience. Each session is devoted to a different age group.  The counselors, who are all volunteers, are themselves people with type 1 diabetes and many are graduates of the camps; as such they are ideal mentors and guides for campers.  Professional staff includes doctors, nurses, dieticians, psychologists and social workers.  Many of them give up their personal vacation time to be able to participate in this remarkable program.

The goal of the camps is to educate children and youth on how to manage the daily rigors of their chronic condition so that they can live fuller, healthier and happier lives.  Campers build a community of peers; are inspired to grow and challenge themselves; are motivated to adopt a healthy life-style; appreciate themselves and others; and have fun in a nurturing and wholly supportive environment.

Advancing the rights of people with type 1 diabetes

JDRF Israel lobbies government and public agencies concerning the rights of people with diabetes in areas such as: social security, aides in nursery and elementary schools, the IDF and raising military profiles.  We also lobby the health ministry regarding including new technology and medications for diabetes care in the subsidized “health baskets”.

Raising Awareness

JDRF Israel initiates a number of activities throughout the year with the goal of raising awareness of type 1 diabetes.  This includes the very popular annual bike trip and a donation day where children around the country go door to door, collecting money for type 1 diabetes.

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